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{{Chembox new |ImageFile=Mafosfamide.svg |ImageSize= |IUPACName=2-{[2-[bis(2-chloroethyl)amino]-2-oxo-
4-yl}sulfanyl]ethanesulfonic acid |OtherNames= |Section1= ! colspan=2 style="background: #f8eaba; text-align: center;" |Identifiers



CAS Number




3D model (JSmol)



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PubChem CID



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Chemical formula

| C9H19Cl2N2O5PS2

|- | Molar mass

| 401.269 g/mol

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Mafosfamide (INN) is an oxazaphosphorine (cyclophosphamide-like) alkylating agent under investigation as a chemotherapeutic. Several Phase I trials have been completed.[1][2]


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