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This is a list of the chemical elements, sorted by density measured at standard temperature and pressure. (The first elements from hydrogen to radon are gases at normal room temperatures.)

Name Symbol Density (g/cm³) Atomic number Description/Mohs' hardness Color Notes
Hydrogen H Template:Sort 1 gas diatomic
Helium He Template:Sort 2 noble gas 100px lowest boiling and melting points of any element
Neon Ne Template:Sort 10 noble gas 100px
Nitrogen N Template:Sort 7 gas diatomic
Oxygen O Template:Sort 8 gas diatomic
Fluorine F Template:Sort 9 halogen gas yellow-green or yellowish brown
Argon Ar Template:Sort 18 noble gas 100px
Chlorine Cl Template:Sort 17 halogen gas yellowish green or greenish yellow
Krypton Kr Template:Sort 36 noble gas 100px forms compounds with fluorine and clathrates with water
Xenon Xe Template:Sort 54 noble gas 100px
Radon Rn Template:Sort 86 noble gas radioactive, comes from radium
Lithium Li Template:Sort 3 0.6 Li,3.jpg
silvery white/gray
used in batteries
Potassium K Template:Sort 19 0.4 K,19.jpg
silvery white
forms many compounds
Sodium Na Template:Sort 11 0.5 100px
waxy, silvery white
burns with a yellow flame, reacts violently with water, and oxidizes in air necessitating storage in an inert environment
Rubidium Rb Template:Sort 37 0.3 100px
low melting point, reacts violently with water like sodium
Calcium Ca Template:Sort 20 1.75 Ca,20.jpg
Magnesium Mg Template:Sort 12 2.5 MagnesiumMetalUSGOV.jpg
silvery metallic
is very brittle, flammable
Phosphorus P Template:Sort 15 nonmetal P,15.jpg
waxy white/ red/ black/ colorless
Due to its high reactivity, it is never found as a free element in nature.
Beryllium Be Template:Sort 4 5.5 100px
gray metallic
Francium Fr Template:Sort 87 radioactive alkali metal alkali metal isotope found in uranium and thorium ores
Cesium Cs Template:Sort 55 0.2 100px
silvery gold
liquid at or near room temperature, very reactive
Sulfur S Template:Sort 16 2.0 Sulfur.jpg
lemon yellow
Carbon C Template:Sort 6 10.0 (diamond) colorless
Carbon C Template:Sort 6 1-2 (graphite) C,6.jpg
Silicon Si Template:Sort 14 6.5 metalloid 100px
dark gray, bluish tinge
Boron B Template:Sort 5 9.3 100px
black/brown/ amorphous boron is a brown powder, metallic boron is black
The metallic form is hard (9.3 on Mohs' scale) and a poor conductor at room temperature.
Strontium Sr Template:Sort 38 1.5 100px
a soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element
The metal turns yellow when exposed to air. somewhat malleable. It is chiefly employed (as in the nitrate) to color pyrotechnic flames red.
Aluminium Al Template:Sort 13 2.75 Al,13.jpg
non-magnetic, very reflective
Scandium Sc Template:Sort 21 transition metal 100px
soft, silvery, develops a slightly yellowish or pinkish cast when exposed to air
not attacked by a 1:1 mixture of nitric acid(HNO3) and 48% HF
Bromine Br Template:Sort 35 halogen 100px
gas/liquid: red-brown solid: metallic luster
a red volatile liquid at standard room temperature. This element is corrosive to human tissue
Barium Ba Template:Sort 56 1.25 Ba,56.jpg
Naturally occurring barium is a mix of seven stable isotopes. There are twenty-two isotopes known, but most of these are highly radioactive and have half-lives in the several millisecond to several minute range. The only notable exceptions are 133Ba which has a half-life of 10.51 years, and 137mBa (2.6 minutes).
Yttrium Y Template:Sort 39 transition metal 100px
silvery metallic
two of its compounds are used to make the red color phosphors in cathode ray tube displays
Titanium Ti Template:Sort 22 6.0 100px
silvery metallic
corrosion-resistant (including resistance to sea water and chlorine, high tensile strength
Selenium Se Template:Sort 34 2.0 Se,34.jpg
gray, metallic luster
Selenium has at least 29 isotopes, of which 5 are stable, and 6 are nuclear isomers.
Iodine I Template:Sort 53 halogen solid that sublimes at standard temperatures into a purple-pink gas that has an irritating odor 100px
violet-dark gray, lustrous
least reactive of the halogens
Europium Eu Template:Sort 63 lanthanide 100px
Germanium Ge Template:Sort 32 6.0 100px
Radium Ra Template:Sort 88 almost pure white, readily oxidizes on exposure to air, turning black Radium preparations are remarkable for maintaining themselves at a higher temperature than their surroundings, and for their radiations: alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays. Radium also produces neutrons when mixed with beryllium.
Arsenic As Template:Sort 33 3.5 As,33.jpg
metallic gray, allotropic forms; yellow, black and grey
Gallium Ga Template:Sort 31 1.5 100px melts at 29.7 degrees Celsius (just above room temperature)
Vanadium V Template:Sort 23 7.0 100px
Lanthanum La Template:Sort 57 2.5 100px
Tellurium Te Template:Sort 52 2.25 100px
silvery lustrous gray
Zirconium Zr Template:Sort 40 5.0 100px
Antimony Sb Template:Sort 51 3.0 100px
silvery lustrous grey
Cerium Ce Template:Sort 58 2.5 100px
resembles iron
Praseodymium Pr Template:Sort 59 soft Pr,59.jpg
silvery white, yellowish tinge
Ytterbium Yb Template:Sort 70
Astatine At Template:Sort 85
Neodymium Nd Template:Sort 60 used in powerful permanent magnets
Zinc Zn Template:Sort 30 2.5
Chromium Cr Template:Sort 24 8.5
Promethium Pm Template:Sort 61
Tin Sn Template:Sort 50 1.5 soft metal
Indium In Template:Sort 49 soft metal
Manganese Mn Template:Sort 25 6.0
Samarium Sm Template:Sort 62
Iron Fe Template:Sort 26 metal
Gadolinium Gd Template:Sort 64
Terbium Tb Template:Sort 65
Dysprosium Dy Template:Sort 66
Niobium Nb Template:Sort 41
Cadmium Cd Template:Sort 48
Holmium Ho Template:Sort 67
Cobalt Co Template:Sort 27
Nickel Ni Template:Sort 28
Copper Cu Template:Sort 29
Erbium Er Template:Sort 68
Polonium Po Template:Sort 84
Ununhexium Uuh Template:Sort 116
Thulium Tm Template:Sort 69
Bismuth Bi Template:Sort 83
Ununpentium Uup Template:Sort 115
Lutetium Lu Template:Sort 71
Lawrencium Lr Template:Sort 103
Actinium Ac Template:Sort 89 radioactive metallic element. glows in the dark with an eerie blue light.
Molybdenum Mo Template:Sort 42
Silver Ag Template:Sort 47
Lead Pb Template:Sort 82
Ununquadium Uuq Template:Sort 114
Technetium Tc Template:Sort 43
Thorium Th Template:Sort 90
Thallium Tl Template:Sort 81
Ununtrium Uut Template:Sort 113
Palladium Pd Template:Sort 46
Ruthenium Ru Template:Sort 44
Rhodium Rh Template:Sort 45
Hafnium Hf Template:Sort 72
Einsteinium Es Template:Sort 99
Curium Cm Template:Sort 96
Mercury Hg Template:Sort 80
Ununbium Uub Template:Sort 112
Americium Am Template:Sort 95
Berkelium Bk Template:Sort 97
Californium Cf Template:Sort 98
Protactinium Pa Template:Sort 91
Tantalum Ta Template:Sort 73
Rutherfordium Rf Template:Sort 104
Uranium U Template:Sort 92
Tungsten W Template:Sort 74
Gold Au Template:Sort 79
Roentgenium Rg Template:Sort 111
Plutonium Pu Template:Sort 94
Neptunium Np Template:Sort 93
Rhenium Re Template:Sort 75
Platinum Pt Template:Sort 78
Darmstadtium Ds Template:Sort 110
Osmium Os Template:Sort 76
Iridium Ir Template:Sort 77
Seaborgium Sg Template:Sort 106
Meitnerium Mt Template:Sort 109
Bohrium Bh Template:Sort 107
Dubnium Db Template:Sort 105
Hassium Hs Template:Sort 108
Fermium Fm Template:Sort 100
Mendelevium Md Template:Sort 101
Nobelium No Template:Sort 102
Ununoctium Uuo Template:Sort 118

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