List of ICD-9 codes E and V codes: External causes of injury and supplemental classification

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E section -- External causes of injury

V codes -- Supplementary classification of factors influencing health status and contact with health services

  • (v01-v06) Persons with potential health hazards related to communicable diseases
  • (v07-v09) Persons with need for isolation, Other potential health hazards and Prophylactic measures
  • (v10-v19) Persons with potential health hazards related to personal and family history
  • (v20-v29) Persons encountering health services in Circumstances related to Reproduction and development
  • (v30-v39) Live-born infants according to type of birth
  • (v40-v49) Persons with a condition influencing their health status
  • (v50-v59) Persons encountering health services for specific procedures and aftercare
  • (v60-v69) Persons encountering health services in other circumstances
  • (v70-v82) Persons without reported diagnosis encountered during examination and investigation of individuals and populations
  • (v83) Genetics
  • (v84-v85) Body mass index
  • (v86) Estrogen receptor Status

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