Left marginal artery

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Artery: Left marginal artery
Base and diaphragmatic surface of heart. (Left marginal artery not visible, but would be near center left.)
Cardiac vessels.png
RCA = right coronary
AB = atrial branches
SANB = sinuatrial nodal
RMA = right marginal
LCA = left coronary
CB = circumflex branch
LAD/AIB = anterior interventricular
LMA = left marginal
PIA/PDA = posterior descending
AVN = atrioventricular nodal

SCV = small cardiac
ACV = anterior cardiac
AIV/GCV = great cardiac
MCV = middle cardiac
CS = coronary sinus
Latin ramus marginalis sinister arteriae coronariae sinistrae
Supplies left ventricle
Source circumflex artery   
Vein left marginal vein
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The left marginal artery (or obtuse marginal artery) is a branch of the circumflex artery, originating at the posterior interventricular sulcus, traveling along the left margin of heart towards the apex of the heart.

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