Intermediate mesoderm

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Intermediate mesoderm
Transverse section of a chick embryo of forty-five hours’ incubation.
* Chordamesoderm: yellow, at notochord.
* Paraxial mesoderm: red, at somite.
* Intermediate mesoderm: purple, near Wolffian duct.
* Lateral plate mesoderm: purple, including "Somatic mesoderm" and "Splanchic mesoderm".
Gray's subject #6 50
Gives rise to Wolffian duct

Intermediate mesoderm is a type of mesoderm that is located between the paraxial mesoderm and the lateral plate.

It develops into the part of the urogenital system (kidneys and gonads)

  • forms of urogenital system
  • series of short evaginations from each segment grows dorsally caudally
  • vestiges of the future kidney, the pronephros briefly appears.
  • pronephric duct arises in the intermediate mesoderm just ventral to the anterior somites
  • grows caudally until it becomes the cloaca
  • it is distinct from the lateral mesoderm, as it is not influenced by the secretion of BMP-4 by the ectoderm, possibly due to the lack of receptors.

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