Federal Statistical Office of Germany

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Federal Statistical Office of Germany
Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland
Federal Statistical Office of Germany
Agency overview
Formed 3 July 1953
Jurisdiction Government of Germany
Headquarters Wiesbaden
Employees 2800
Minister Responsible Wolfgang Schäuble, German Interior Minister
Agency Executive Walter Radermacher, Bureau president
Parent agency Federal Ministry of the Interior

The Federal Statistical Office of Germany (German: Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland) is a federal authority of Germany. It is a part of the Federal Ministry of the Interior of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Office is responsible for collecting, processing, presenting and analysing statistical information concerning the topics economy, society and environment. The purpose is providing objective, independent and highly qualitative statistical information for the whole public. About 2780 staff members are employed in the departments in Wiesbaden, Bonn and Berlin.

The department in Wiesbaden is the main office and runs the largest library specialised in statistical literature in Germany. It is also the Office of the President who is the Federal Returning Officer as well. In this position he or she is the supervisor of the elections of the German Parliament ("Bundestag") and of the European Parliament.

The Berlin Information Point is the service centre of the Federal Office in the German capital and provides information and advisory services for the German Government, other federal authorities, embassies, industry and public, associations and all those who are interested in official statistics in Berlin and Brandenburg.

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