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EUROCAT is the "European network of population based registries for congenital anomalies".

They were founded in 1979, with the goal of improving the collection of data about congenital disorders, and the standardization of that data.

They have published extensions to ICD-10 Chapter Q, which helps to provide unique codes for individual conditions.

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  • EUROCAT is also the name of the software component of an air traffic management system developed by Thales Air Traffic Management (previously Thomson-CSF). The system is widely deployed across the globe.

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  • Home page
  • Extensions for ICD-10, chapter Q (PDF)
  • Dolk H (2005). "EUROCAT: 25 years of European surveillance of congenital anomalies". Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed. 90 (5): F355–8. PMID 16113149.