Ductuli aberrantes

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Ductuli aberrantes
Latin ductuli aberrantes
Gray's subject #259 1246
Dorlands/Elsevier d_29/12314657

Ductuli Aberrantes.—A long narrow tube, the ductulus aberrans inferior (vas aberrans of Haller), is occasionally found connected with the lower part of the canal of the epididymis, or with the commencement of the ductus deferens.

Its length varies from 3.5 to 35 cm., and it may become dilated toward its extremity; more commonly it retains the same diameter throughout.

Its structure is similar to that of the ductus deferens.

Occasionally it is found unconnected with the epididymis.

A second tube, the ductulus aberrans superior, occurs in the head of the epididymis; it is connected with the rete testis.

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