Dog appeasing pheromone

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Shortly after female dogs give birth, they produce and emit pheromones that help to calm and reassure their newborn puppies. Called Dog Appeasing Pheromones (D.A.P.), these pheromones are recognized by dogs their entire life and send a signal that they are in a safe and comforting environment. Dog Appeasing Pheromones can be used on dogs of all ages to prevent destructive behaviors brought on by stress including whining, urinating in the house and chewing. D.A.P. products are commonly used to treat dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

To prevent and control some of these negative behaviors, veterinarians have synthetically created D.A.P. Products with D.A.P. come in an electrical plug-in diffuser, which can be placed in areas frequented by the dog and lasts four weeks. D.A.P. also is available in a spray which can be applied directly to dog beds, crates and collars. It is also available in collars similar to a flee collar. D.A.P. is safe for extended use with all dogs.

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