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Cylex, Inc is a biotechnology company developing and manufacturing products that use the immune system for predicting and managing human health. It is the first company to offer a patent- protected, FDA-approved cellular assay of immune system function, trademarked as ImmuKnow, that measures the vitality of a patient's immune system from a single drop of blood[1]. This test enables physicians to better manage and personalize the treatment of life-threatening diseases, such as HIV, HCV, cancer and autoimmune disorders, as well as bone marrow and solid organ transplantation.

ImmuKnow is currently incorporated into patient protocols at leading U.S. hospitals and clinics. It is the only standardized cellular assay, easily performed in the lab, with quick and accurate results. By optimizing therapy, ImmuKnow(R) helps the physician lower the cost of treatment and improve treatment outcome, reduce the side effects of drugs, and enhance the patient's prospects for long-term quality of life.

In September 2006, Cylex announced study results on the effectiveness of ImmuKnow in minimizing the risk of infection and rejection in post-transplant patients[2]. Testing with ImmuKnow enabled doctors to tailor immunosuppressant drug regimens to prevent organ rejection while avoiding infection. Such information could help physicians reduce the use of immunosuppressive drugs, lowering drug therapy expenses while reducing the morbidity associated with liver biopsies, and improve the daily life of transplant patients, and could prolong the life of the transplanted organ.


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