Cholesteryl oleyl carbonate

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Cholesteryl oleyl carbonate

Cholesteryl oleyl carbonate is an organic chemical, an carbonate ester of cholesterol and oleyl alcohol with carbonic acid. It is a liquid crystal material forming cholesteric liquid crystals with helical structure. It is a transparent liquid, or a soft crystalline material with melting point around 20 °C. Its chemical formula is C46H80O3. [1] It can be used with cholesteryl nonanoate and cholesteryl benzoate in some thermochromic liquid crystals.

It is used in some hair colors [2], make-ups, and some other cosmetic preparations.

It can be also used as a component of the liquid crystals used for liquid crystal displays.


  1. Its CAS number is [17110-51-9] and its SMILES structure is C[C@H](CCCC(C)C) [C@H]4CC[C@@]3 ([H])[C@]2([H]) CC=C1C[C@@H] (OC(OCCCCCCCC/C=C\CCCCCCCC)=O) CC[C@@](C)1[C@] ([H])2CC[C@@]34C.
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