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Gross Pathology

Images courtesy of Professor Peter Anderson DVM PhD and published with permission © PEIR, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Pathology

Trachea, thermal burn smoke inhalation
Lung, thermal burn smoke inhalation
Ischemia: Gross natural color close-up of liver with shock necrosis and a large area of necrosis beneath capsule quite good burn sepsis DIC
Small intestine: Ischemia: Gross natural color frankly gangrenous gut shown rather close-up excellent example burn sepsis DIC
Kidney: Bilateral Cortical Necrosis: Gross natural color excellent gross example showing capsular and cut surfaces burn case
Kidney: Acute Tubular Necrosis: Gross good example swollen cortex secondary to body burn
Kidney: Acute Pyelonephritis: Gross cut surface obvious abscesses burn case with Pseudomonas sepsis
Brain: Bacterial Meningitis: Gross base of frontal lobes well shown meningitis burn case with Pseudomonas sepsis
Stomach: Curlings Ulcers: Gross natural color multiple superficial mucosal ulcers well shown in fundus and prepyloric area in lesser curvature. A good example of burn patient
Thyroid: Fibrosis: Gross natural color cross section into fibrotic and apparently contracted gland can be used as an example of burned out thyroiditis or what we used to call Riedels struma