Ampulla of uterine tube

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Ampulla of uterine tube
Illu ovary.jpg
1: Ovary
2: Medial surface
3: Lateral surface
4: Free border
5: Mesovarial margin
6: Tubal extremity
7: Uterine extremity
8: Oviduct (fallopian tube)
9: Opening of fallopian tube
10: Infundibulum of fallopian tube
11: Fimbriae of fallopian tube
12: Ovarian fimbria
13: Ampulla of fallopian tube
14: Isthmus of fallopian tube
15: Uterine part of fallopian tube
16: Uterine opening of fallopian tube
Latin ampulla tubae uterinae
Gray's subject #267 1257
Dorlands/Elsevier a_32/12127985

The ampulla is the second portion of the uterine tube. It is an intermediate dilated portion, which curves over the ovary.

It is the most common site of human fertilization.

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