ATC code A09

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A division of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System

A Alimentary tract and metabolism

A09A Digestives, including enzymes

A09AA Enzyme preparations

A09AA01 Diastase
A09AA02 Multienzymes (lipase, protease, etc.)
A09AA03 Pepsin
A09AA04 Tilactase

A09AB Acid preparations

A09AB01 Glutamic acid hydrochloride
A09AB02 Betaine hydrochloride
A09AB03 Hydrochloric acid
A09AB04 Citric acid

A09AC Enzyme and acid preparations, combinations

A09AC01 Pepsin and acid preparations
A09AC02 Multienzymes and acid preparations

gl:ATC Código A09 hu:ATC A09 – Digesztívumok (beleértve az enzimeket) th:ATC รหัส A09